First stage facilities for the isolation, fractionation and preservation of bioactive food ingredients.

The Biofunctional Food Engineering Facility (B FE) is a state-of-the-art facility for food technologists to separate, stabilise and deliver bioactive ingredients in food products with commercial potential.

Designed to fast track the transfer of ideas from the laboratory to pilot plant, the range of unit operations offered by BFE cover areas such as dehydration, separation, encapsulation and thermal processing. BFE investment is intended to improve R&D productivity in advance of pilot scale studies. Ultimately, the facility will make a key contribution to the development of foods and beverages containing bio-active ingredients with proven stability and shelf-life.


Manufacturer / Model



Tubular Heat exchanger + in line/off line 2 stage Homogeniser MicroThermics Electric Development Series UHT/HTST 30-60 l/h Range of holding tubes – 6s to 300s hold tubes,
  Lab-25HVH (E-Series HVH, HVH=High Viscosity Hybrid)   capable of pumping viscous fluids
Clean fill Unit with sterile product outlet Microthermics Model Clean fill Unit with sterile product outlet 30-60 l/h  
Small scale evaporator Scheffers water evaporation capacity 30 kg/h  
Multi stage -Spray Dryer Anhydro water evaporation capacity 30 kg/h Fluidising capability, agglomeration
Microfluidiser Microfluidics Laboratory Microfluidizer® Processor M-110EH 450 ml/min Operating pressure range to 25,000 psi (1720 bar).
In-Line mixer/powder dispenser Y-Tron ZC 1 57-150 l/min liquid , 27 l/min Powder Extremely difficult to wet out powders are processed in a single pass
Absorber Chromatography Unit Unipektin 10 l/h can be used for proteins, carbohydrate and lipid purification
Concentric Nozzle Encapsulator Inotech Encapsulator 1-5L In combination with the microfluidiser, the encapsulator can produce
      nanoemulsions suitable for incorporation into different food/beverage products

Bio Functional Food Engineering Unit

3 Stage Anhydro Spray Dryer

Chamber with internal air broom (suit sticky products)

3 Stage Anhydro Spray Dryer

Integrated Static Bed and Internal Bed