About Moorepark Technology Limited

Moorepark Technology Limited (MTL) is joint venture company established by Teagasc with shareholders from the Irish Dairy Industry to provide commercial food grade pilot plant & research services for food industry customers and a key constituent of Teagasc Food Research Centre Moorepark in the process of knowledge and technology transfer.

MTL operates an modern pilot plant covering 5,000 sq. metres floor area. Our facility contains the most up-to-date and versatile pilot scale processing equipment for food research and development.

MTL’s core business is the rental of that pilot plant to food companies and public research institutions for the purposes of carrying out product and process development, training, or small scale start-up manufacture.

MTL has been designed to complement the general research and development facilities of individual food processing companies by providing a wide range of specialised plant which can be organised into customised integrated processes.

about moorepark technology

The pilot plant boasts ten rental processing units, a new and vibrant management team and a dedicated multitalented staff complement. The plant has continually modernised and scaled–up its ability to operate in key growth areas such as Infant Milk Formula, Cheese, Bio processing and “Smart” Dairy Ingredients.

A €10 million investment beginning in 2018 has added new capabilities in alternative drying technologies, biotransformation and thermal and non thermal treatments of products. A key feature in MTL’s success has been the diversity of products, processes and customers that the plant has embraced.

While the plant was established around Dairy processing technologies, it now has a wide range of capabilities in general food and food ingredient development. MTL is arranged in a modular structure of self- contained processing areas. This guarantees single client access and total confidentiality.

Quality standards

MTL operates to ISO 9002 Standards and is accredited with I.S. EN 22000:2018 (Food Safety Management System) and FSSC 220000 standards.

Mission statement

The mission of Moorepark Technology Limited is to stimulate & enhance market led Research & Development in the Irish Food Industry through the provision & marketing of high quality, cost effective pilot plant facilities & research services.

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