Bio Functional Food Engineering Unit

First stage facilities for the isolation, fractionation
and preservation of bioactive food ingredients

The Biofunctional Food Engineering Facility (B FE) is a state-of-the-art facility for food technologists to separate, stabilise and deliver bioactive ingredients in food products with commercial potential.

Designed to fast track the transfer of ideas from the laboratory to pilot plant, the range of unit operations offered by BFE cover areas such as dehydration, separation, encapsulation and thermal processing.

BFE investment is intended to improve R&D productivity in advance of pilot scale studies.

Ultimately, the facility will make a key contribution to the development of foods and beverages containing bio-active ingredients with proven stability and shelf-life.

3 Stage Anhydro Spray Dryer

Chamber with internal air broom (suit sticky products)

static bed
3 Stage Anhydro Spray Dryer

Integrated Static Bed and Internal Bed

bio-functional food engineering unit
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