Technical Advice & Support

In conjuction with Teagasc researchers, MTL provide practical technical supports and advice for food companies in solving technology issues.

Food businesses face constant challenges to be competitive, sustain existing markets, discover new markets and comply with a demanding regulatory environment. MTL and Teagasc can provide a comprehensive support service for the food processing industry.

This support service involves providing practical technical supports and advice for food companies in solving technology issues and also provides client businesses with access to new knowledge and technology outputs from an extensive food research programme at Teagasc.

Teagasc Food Research Centre, Moorepark offer training and education services for those already working in the food industry, looking to upgrade their skills – especially when it comes to keeping up to date with constantly changing scientific and technical improvements in the industry. Also catered for are companies looking for customised training courses which are very specific to how they manufacture their products and MTL and the Moorepark researchers can provide a tailored course to suit.

technical advise and support
technical support

Analytical Supports

Analytical back up services provided by MTL and Teagasc Food Research Centre in Moorepark

In-Process analysis available at MTL: pH, Total solids, Moisture, Viscosity (Brookfield/AR G2), Bulk Density,Fat globule particle size distribution (Malvern Mastersizer).

Available on site analysis

pH, Total solids, Solubility index, Fatty acids, Particle size distribution (Malvern Mastersizer, Zetasizer nano series), Dehydration/Rehydration stability, Moisture (Karl Fisher/oven method), Protein, Lactose, Fat, Sensory (HPLC, GC).

Studies on the recovery and/or quantification of target ingredients in finished product (Atomic Absorption). Reconstitution tests, Free fat, Viscosity, Particle size, Floaters/sinkers, mechanical/manual reconstitution, Physical characteristics, Bulk density, Sieve analysis, Scorched particles, Free fat, solubility, Wettability, Dispersability, Occluded air content etc.

Stickiness properties
Rheological properties using modern AR G2 and AR2000 rheometers. (TA Instruments).
True density of the powder particles can be determined using a Pycnomatic helium pycnometer (Thermo Electron Corporation, Driesch, Germany).

National Food Imaging Centre (NFIC)

The NFIC strengthens research and development needs of the Irish food industry by providing access to highly specialized microscopy techniques and expertise in food structure analysis. Any food or beverage product can be examined with minimal sample preparation. Typical applications include;

  • Ingredient distribution in products.

  • Powder characterization – morphology, size, stickiness, surface features.

  • Emulsion stability – phase separation, protein aggregation, droplet sizing.

  • Microstructure of natural foods – fruit and vegetables, meat, fish.

  • Microstructure of processed foods – dairy, meat products, bakery, confectionary, spreads, etc.

  • Packaging materials.

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