Wet Process Unit

Liquid Food and Ingredients

State-of-the-art technology for pilot-scale production of prototype ingredients and for product assembly is available at Moorepark Technology ltd. In addition, an extensive knowledge base is available for the development of milk-based beverages such as flavoured milks, fermented milks and research in recent years has paved the way forward for new beverage opportunities such as;

  • Sports drinks.

  • Functional food ingredient beverages – probiotic, prebiotic, plant sterols etc.

  • Meal replacement beverages.

  • Infant formula beverages.

  • Milk Bioactive ingredients and formulated beverages.

  • Yeast and whey protein isolates with health promoting benefits.

  • Buttermilk fat membrane enrich functional beverages.

wet process unit for Liquid Food and Ingredients

Incorporating ingredients into beverages

Knowledge of ingredient behaviour is backed up by the capability to produce ingredients from unrefined raw materials using the separation, wet process and drying facilities of our ultra-modern pilot plant.

Particular expertise has been accumulated over the years in the production and use of protein hydrolysates in which nutritional, sensorial and functional characteristics are critical. In conjunction with Teagasc researchers and technologists we can offer the following;

1.Pilot scale development for liquid food formulation. Pilot plant facilities include:

Compounding facilities.
Membrane filtration and solid/liquid separation.
HTST-UHT Heat processing equipment.

2.Concept development.
3.Production of product for consumer-testing and +/- or for registration purposes.
4.Advice on ingredient availability, functionality and nutritional quality.
5.Incubation rooms
6.Ingredient processing, refinement and isolation.

Full range of analytical capabilities for protein/peptide characterization – HPLC for amino acid analysis, GC for FA analysis and electrophoretic analysis, microscopy, ingredient functionality (emulsification, foaming, solubility, rheology, particle sizing), nutritional profiles, microbiology, compositional analysis (protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals). Flavour chemistry (GCMS, GCO) and sensory services are now available.

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