Product Processes

The plant is of sufficient scale to accurately simulate commercial food processing and has been assembled specifically for research/development and pre- commercial scale manufacturing in such product areas as;

  • Dairy Products: A comprehensive range of technologies covering all aspects of dairy processing; Cheese and Cultured milk products including probiotic yoghurts & desserts and milk powders & dairy ingredients.

  • Dried Food Ingredients: regular, agglomerated, lecithinated & instantised powders, particulate drying & size reduction.

  • Bioprocessing: including Fermentation, Enzymatic conversion, and downstream Separation processes; centrifugal decantation, clarification, micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, nano-filtration and electro-dialysis.

  • Beverages: Stabilised formulations including Nutri-Functional Beverages containing bio-active cultures, peptides & other ingredients.

  • Liquid foods & Ingredients: Sauces, Dressings, Dips, Desserts, Ice-cream, Syrups, and Concentrates.

  • Yellow Fat Spreads: Dairy spreads & Margarines.

fod technology and product areas
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