Spray Drying Equipment

Small scale pilot trials


Uses: Evaluation behaviour of ingredients, product formula optimisation and samples for analytical development etc.

  • Pilot scale UHT plant (150 L/Hr) with direct steam injection, infusion and indirect heating.

  • Small scale evaporator (42 kg WEC/Hr) and Single Stage Spray drier (10 kg WEC/Hr).

Intermediate scale pilot trials

Scale 10-50Kgs/ WEC: 20Kg/hr

The BFE is an integrated state-of-the-art facility for food technologists to separate, stabilise and deliver bioactive ingredients in beverages with commercial potential.

  • Multi-stage Spray Drier with fluidising capabilities.

  • Falling film evaporator – 60Kg WEC/Hr.

  • Multifunctional Membrane Filtration plant.

  • Microthermics heat exchanger & in-line homogenisers (30-200L/hr) + Clean fill unit.

inter scale

Anhydro 750 Micraspray

Engineering function

Anhydro 750 Micraspray

Atomisation 2-Fluid Hi-PR Nozzle
Fluidisation Integrated + External bed
Airflow Pattern
  • Top exhaust extension,  Dew point measurement on inlet air
  • Initial spiral flow followed by upward flow to extraction
Chamber Size / Features
  • Angle of cone favours airflow pattern/sticky prods
  • Rotary valve PDR discharge
  • Rotary valve cyclone – split powder returns CS  4.2m³ Cone Angle 50°
Cyclone  representative of commercial scale
Scale – Water Evaporation – Kg powder/h 20 kg powder/hr  at 180°C air inlet / 75°C at end of first stage.Feed/water tank system ~80 L feed/ ~10 L water
Airflow 1,050 Nm³/h
Data acquisition
  • Sensors/transmitters for temperatures of pre-heater, inlet temperature, chamber outlet temperature, fluid bed temperatures, ambient air dew point with capability for advanced process control.
Fines return system
  • Pneumatic conveying of fines. Ability to inject fines into product stream at the atomiser. Agglomeration –Yes
Particle size •In the range 50 – 250 microns
•Large, free-flowing, dust-free agglomerates.

Large scale pilot trials

Scale 50-500Kgs / Niro Tall Form (TFD 20) / WEC:100 kg/hr

Concentration of fluid materials fractions, hydrolysates, fermentation products etc. by thermal evaporation.

Drying of protein fractions

  • Spray drying – regular and agglomerated powders. Option of lecithination, in-line dry dosing.

  • In-line homogenisation.

  • Powder blending.

  • Crystallisation.

  • Powder canning.

Equipment items

  • NIRO Tall Form Drier (100 kg H2O h-1). 2 x Vibro Fluidised Beds for agglomeration and lecithination.

  • New Dehumidification and humidification system commissioned in 2011.

  • Scrape surface heat exchanger, in-line or off line homogeniser, high pressure pump.

  • CO2 injection capability for bulk density variation.

  • Three effect NIRO thermal evaporator (800 kg H2O h-1) with FSH (up to 150c, tres=0.5 15 s).

  • Attrition drier (60 kg H2O h-1).

  • Powder Blenders (25 kg and 1500 kg).

  • Concentrate and crystallisation tanks.

  • Scrape surface heat exchanger.

Engineering function


Atomisation   3 Nozzles – Spray systems
Choice up to 10 nozzles based on total solids and desired particle size
Fluidisation 2  External fluidised beds
Chamber Size / Features Angle of cone favours airflow pattern/sticky prods
Rotary valve PDR discharge
Cyclone  Representative of commercial scale, no bag filter
Scale – Water Evaporation – Kg powder/h 100 kg powder/hr  at 180°C air inlet / 75°C Outlet
Feed system ~300 L feed
Airflow Inlet Air Flow 2500 m³/h
Data acquisition
  • SCADA System
Fines return System
  • Rotary Valve pneumatic system
Particle size
  • 90-120um in regular mode
  • Agglomeration
feed line


Schematic of Anhydro Micraspray 750 three-stage drier – Moorepark

tall-form dryer

Tall-form dryer

Schematic of Niro tall form dryer at MTL.

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