Cheese-making Unit

Moorepark cheese technology

Moorepark Technology ltd has comprehensive facilities available for the manufacture of Natural, Processed or Analogue cheese products such as;

  • Cheese vats with variable speed stirring and cutting, each mounted on load cells.

  • Curd handing equipment: curd milling, salting, plasticization and pressing facilities.

  • Ripening rooms with controlled temperature and humidity.

  • Processed cheese manufacturing facilities (cooker types: Stephan, Blentech, Limitech).

  • Membrane filtration (ultrafiltration/microfiltration) equipment.

Teagasc Food Research Centre, Moorepark has extensive knowledge and accumulated experience in the manufacture and analysis of a range of cheese types including Cheddar, Mozzarella, Emmental, and continental-type cheeses. This knowledge, combined with an active ongoing research programme, offers the cheese industry a range of leading edge technologies to support ongoing developments of new cheese products and increased cheese making efficiency.

A significant body of expertise has already been established in several areas of cheese technology;

  • Cheese composition and quality.

  • Cheese making efficiency.

  • Cheese texture and functionality.

  • Cheese flavour systems and ingredients.

  • Development of hybrid type cheeses based on the marrying together of different manufacturing technologies, starter cultures and ripening conditions.

Comprehensive facilities available for the manufacture of Natural,
Processed or Analogue Cheese products

4 X Open Top Cheese Vats
1 x Closed Cheese Vat
Fresh Cheese Units
Quarg Separator
Pasta Filata Cooker and Stretcher
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