Moorepark Technology Limited (MTL) Poised for Milk Expansion


Moorepark Technology has plans for the construction of a satellite building connected to the MTL pilot plant to allow an “on-site” location for customers who plan to use the MTL facilities over the coming 5-10 year period. A phased approach is being taken in the construction of this 4 unit structure, which will enable increased opportunities for industry to liaise with and capitalise on the research and technical expertise within the Teagasc Food Research Centres at Moorepark and Ashtown.

Looking to the future, an announcement will be made in the coming months about the occupancy of the first two units within the MTL satellite building. The Irish Food industry and in particular the national Dairy Industries will be key players in leading Ireland on the path to economic recovery. MTL is confident that it can continue to positively impact on customers innovation and development needs at this exciting time.